Social & Environmental Policy

Last review: 03/10/2020
Next review: 10/01/2021


Co-founders Rebecca Harris and Lewis Poe.


Our policy comes in not just a requirement of sharing the lengths we go to as a business to meet the minimum compliance requirements, but rather, what we hold in the core of all we aim to do throughout our work.

To be sustainable is to meet the needs of the present without an ecological impact on the future. As Michael Braungart, co-founder of Cradle to Cradle, states, sustainability is just the minimum. He goes on to say with our capacity for creativity, we have the ability to so much more than just sustain. It shouldn’t be seen as a drive to just be ‘less bad’, but rather how ‘good’ can we aspire to be for our quality of lives, the spaces we live and work in and the impact on the environment now and for the future.

Mission statement

We at . hold these values to be a driving force in both our domestic and business activities. Our aim is to strive to do all we possibly can to create an admirable policy which is interwoven not only within how we run our business, but what we do as a business. Therefore, it is our passion to ensure our clients we work with share similar values and the aim of our business is to work at the forefront of these issues.

Our policy includes aspects of social, economic and environmentally sustainable actions and therefore circular economy is a natural force for us to strive towards at .

Living and working in Cornwall we are reminded everyday of how beautiful our surrounding natural world is. Our aim at . is to be small on the negative, but large on the positive impacts we can make in our area and the businesses we work with.


Our current office space is at the Workbox based in Penzance, which is a Living Wage Building and is part of the Fair Pay Penzance campaign for the whole town to be paid a living wage.

  • Use of a shared office ensures our environmental impact is kept to a minimum through sharing water and energy sources with several other businesses.
  • As we expand we will consider our current policy and ensure we can accomodate our values within an expansion.

Our town was the first community in the UK to be awarded plastic free status by Surfers Against Sewage, you can find our more about Plastic Free Penzance here.

  • We commit to being part of that ethos and ensure we not only reduce and reuse plastic, but consider where we might bring in solutions through our business offerings.

Where possible, business travel is kept at a minimum:

  • Our policy aim is to conduct much of our business with long-distance clients through online meetings, telephone etc.
  • We strive to work with clients within a reasonable distance, aiming to keep our objectives of boosting economic and environmental support mainly based in Cornwall.

Despite the nature of our business having minimal consumption of resources and physical outputs we are not complacent in this area.

  • We source our materials and equipment from sustainable and environmentally minded businesses where possible.
  • We keep printing to an absolute minimum and reuse and recycle what we do use.
  • Where we do print, we avoid colour and pure black text and print on 100% recycled paper.
  • All electric items, lighting and heating are switched off when not in use.
  • We evaluate all impact new products have in energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Our hardware is returned for recycling with Apple and any new items we have are now encased in 100% recycled aluminum.
  • All cleaning equipment and other consumable will be considered for any harmful chemicals and avoidance of plastics.

We are proud to say the web hosting you are viewing this policy from comes from 100% renewable energy. It is said that global datacentres contribute to 3% of global Co2 emissions and we use Krystal hosting, who in 2017, became the first UK based hosting to offer their 24/7 energy consumption to be sourced from 100% renewable energy sources only.

We strive to ensure that this policy does not just cover our time at work:

  • Our home is also powered by 100% renewable energy sources, through Bulb we receive electricity from a mixture of solar, hydro and wind generators.
  • Upon expansion, we will offer all employees incentives to switch to renewable energy sources within their own homes.
  • We also ensure that recycling, reduced consumption, waste and water usage are all integral to our day-to-day life.

We continue our professional development within current trends of environmental, sustainable and economic strategies. To keep learning how we can best impact within our business and what drives the work we do.

This policy will be continually reviewed, as a start-up we aim to do this quarterly until we better establish our vision. If you would like to be updated then please subscribe to our mailing list. Furthermore, we listen, if you have any feedback on what we have stated here then please get in touch.